Szymon Piekarz

Szymon Piekarz

Founder of  

A not unmistakable, strange, and over-complicated personality who started the entrepreneurial adventure at a very young age... A software developer in a heart that perfectly connects technology with business.

"A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions" sir Winston Churchill


I understand money, how they work, and how unrealistic they are in this realistic world.


I'm a founder, co-founder, angel investor, CTO, CEO and advisor to many awesome people.


I'm an old-fashion geek. I'm 40 and still coding... I know how to start, build, scale, sell, or bury the business.


I'm on a mission to participate in projects that will have an impact. An impact on people, industries and societies

Piekarz Holding is a private investment house supporting tech-oriented companies in global development. We managed to build a portfolio of 50 companies from SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain, VR/AR, Fintech, AI and IoT. In many cases, we provided the first capital to people that nobody believed in! is a an AI-driven experimentation and transformation platform that will change your view on software. We allow cost-efficient process experimentation to drive improvements, change, workflow, and client satisfaction focus on building an AI generative platform. A platform that helps people to learn new skills with the help of AI without the need for creators of a platform. A pioneer of Innovation Districts and Prompt Crafting certificate


You can try to catch me on linkedin or twitter