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13 tips to build a successful online shop

It has become so easy these days to build your own e-shop in just a few minutes using the different tools available on the market. But how to make sure that it’s successful? Here a few tips and tricks to make sure your online business journey is off to a flying start!

 Simple design:

It is important to pick carefully the layout of your online store. If it’s not clear and accessible, it will make the visitors want to leave it as fast as they came. Make sure the design is attractive but simple and easy to navigate.  It has to reflect the spirit of your brand and present it in a way that catches the eye.

Describe yourself:

If anyone visits your website, they will want to know more about you before proceeding to any transaction. You have to be able to sell yourself nicely and trigger curiosity and trust in visitors. That is why it is highly recommended that you build an “About us” section to describe your company and what it does, as well as feed your online store with regular engaging content.

Describe the products:

Each item on your online store should be presented thoroughly and in detail. There should be no room left for doubt or questioning on the readers’ end. Good and detailed product description will encourage the customers to go for your product and not any other one. You should also take the time to write a short summary to guide the visitors when they are browsing your store.

Customer support:

The secret for your customers to have a great experience on your online store and to be so satisfied that they will come back is to invest in good customer support. It should feel as if the customers are at no point left behind, but that there are solutions to any kind of problem they might encounter and answers to any kind of questions they might ask.

Use different payment options:

You should always make sure to provide as many payment options as possible on your online store to make sure that your customers will feel comfortable proceeding to a transaction. While many people prefer paying by credit card, you will also notice that others opt for different solutions like PayPal and so on.

Build customer awareness:

No one will buy from your online store if they are not even aware that it exists. You will have to build a strong customer awareness around your store by remaining active on social media platforms, for example, and spending some time to determine and reach specific target groups that are most likely to be interested in your products.

Use product reviews:

One of the first things that a potential customer wants to know about a product they are interested in buying is other people’s reviews. It is one of the best ways to get a precise idea of what to expect before having to spend money. That is the reason why you should consider integrating a possibility for your customers to leave reviews on your online store.

Be ready for mobile:

It is not a surprise to anyone anymore that most of the web browsing nowadays if done from a mobile device. Let’s face it: it is just so much more convenient to be able to do your shopping from anywhere: while commuting or while waiting at the dentists. You should make sure that your online store is well supported by mobile devices because that’s how a large number of transactions are done.

Use Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a precious tool that will help you gather extremely valuable information about your online store’s visitors. Knowing your audience and understanding their behavior will allow you to be able to anticipate the issues that they might come across, as well as help you improve your lead to customer conversion rate.

Offer free shipping:

It is well known that many people will decide to abandon a transaction when they are made aware of the shipping fees. To avoid such a situation, it would be a good solution to look for a way to provide free shipping by, for example, including the cots into the final price of the product.

Build a newsletter:

Making a sale is great, but what about making two? To keep your customers interested in what you have to offer, you need to build good communication with them. One of the most efficient and least intrusive ways to do that is by building a newsletter to which you should make them subscribe. That way, they will never miss any discount or special offer on your online store.

Use amazing photos:

Writing a good product description is key, but what’s even better is giving the customers a glimpse of what they will buy by image. It is primordial that the pictures are professional and enticing. There should be a few pictures presenting the product from different angles in a way that is most true to reality.

Offer a fair refund policy:

The same way it is important that you provide good customer support, it is also a game-changer for your customers if they are reassured regarding your refund policy. This will help, of course, encourage them to buy from you and trust you in case there is any sort of problem with the product. This will also help you build a reputation in the long run and earn loyal customers.

It has become easy for anyone to create a beautifully made online store in no longer than a few minutes for, sometimes, very interesting rates. But with the proliferation of online stores, each in tough competition with another, you have to make sure that yours stands out in the eye of visitors in a way that will make them want to buy only from your store and not any other. Doing that requires a good level of attention to what customers need and a great understanding of their behavior.

It important that you pay attention to things like the design and layout of your store, the quality of the pictures on it or the amount of content that it proposes (good product descriptions, engaging articles, etc.). But on top of this, there are other important aspects of an online store that makes it more trustworthy in the eyes of a potential customer. For instance, if your store allows customers to leave reviews and share opinions about products, you will most definitely gain credibility. The same goes for a strong and reliable customer service system, free shipping or fair refund policy that will ensure that your customers will not decide to abandon their shopping on your store easily.

There are things you can do to help your online store have better visibility and thus attract more traffic. First of all, you have to make sure that you are active on social media platforms especially among target groups that are most likely to be interested in your products. Secondly, make sure that your online store is mobile-friendly as that is how most of the internet browsing is done nowadays. Lastly, make sure to offer many different payment methods on your online store so that your clients are almost sure to be comfortable making a purchase.


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