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5 ways to manage emailing campaigns

Email marketing is a very powerful communication tool. It allows to keep contact with clients and share all kinds of relevant information with them, as well as collect opinions and build loyalty. When used correctly, it can be an efficient way to convert leads into customers. But sending the perfect email can be a bit tricky, especially with the usually large numbers of contacts. Luckily, there are many tools that can help you start a marketing campaign to reach your leads and measure its results.


Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of the most famous e-mail marketing tools. The features that it offers are quite large and include database management and leads segmentation, newsletter creation. MailChimp comes with a very dynamic interface which makes it rather easy to use. It offers a fair number of templates and is a great tool for marketing automation.

On the downside, MailChimp does not offer any solution for SMS marketing and has a very weak client support service.  It also can be quite pricey if you want to use it with full functionalities.

  • Free: 7 marketing channels, 1-click automation, Basic templates, Marketing CRM, Behavioral targeting, Custom domains New, Websites
  • Essentials $9.99: Everything in Free, plus All email templates, A/B testing, Custom branding, 24/7 award-winning support
  • Standard $14.99 : Everything in Essentials, plus Advanced audience insights, Retargeting ads, Custom templates, Event-based automation series
  • Premium $299 : Everything in Standard, plus Advanced segmentation, Multivariate testing, Unlimited seats and role-based access, Phone support


oEmail is a great tool for managing your email campaigns. On top of being easy and fast to set-up, it allows you to use intuitively a large set of features helping you with your cold mailing needs by allowing you to use an e-mail bot to automate your communications with your clients. By using the Oemail, your emails will, of course, look like they were sent from your own mailbox.

Oemail is a very interesting choice, as it comes with some options that are difficult to find among its competitors. First, it offers premium support services to all of its users. But the most interesting feature is that it allows you to request any development query that Oemails programmers can turn into reality.

Oemail offers a 30 days free trial. If you like it, you can pay as much or as little as you want monthly. You heard it right, you name the price and still enjoy Oemail at full functionality!


The ActiveCampaign platform, with its ease of use, is a rather exhaustive tool. It largely meets the needs of a small marketing / sales team and makes it possible to embark on the vast field of marketing automation and sales automation.

ActiveCampaign is mostly renowned for its huge automation potential. Using it, you can literaly automate anything. And it even makes it easy to do so with an approachable interface even for the least tech-savvy. You can use it to edit your emails, generate campaigns, generate reports on your contacts and much more.

ActiveCampaign offers different rates depending on your number of contacts and based on different subscription models each offering different functionalities starting at $15 per month.


SendinBlue is yet another interesting tool for mail marketing and marketing automation. It is mostly designed for small and medium businesses. It’s also exhaustive and, unlike Mailchimp, allows sending SMS. It also quite well integrated with many other tools.

But Sendinblue has some flaws that make the experience a little unsatisfactory. First, the email editor could be improved as it is not very intuitive and ergonomic. Also, the customer support on SendinBlue could frankly be much better. It takes quite a long time to get a reply to your questions, and it can be difficult getting a precise and helpful support.

  • Free: 300 emails/day, Unlimited contacts
  • Lite: $25/mo or $22.50 with annual payment, 40,000 emails/mo all Free features and no daily sending limit
  • Essential: $39/mo or $35.10 with annual payment, 60,000 emails/mo, All Lite features, Remove Sendinblue logo from emails and Advanced statistics
  • Premium: $66/mo or $59.40 with annual payment, 120,000 emails/mo, All Essential features, Facebook ads, Landing pages, Marketing automation, Chat, Multi-user access


Hubspot comes with a large set of tools dedicated to improving your businesses’ CRM. From managing your digital marketing processes, to managing your client base, it is designated to improve the general productivity of your business.

Although Hubspot wasn’t specifically designed for handling email campaigns, it does offer it as a functionality as well as automation. So if you’re looking precisely for a way to manage and automate your marketing campaigns, this is probably not where you should be looking.

Hubspot comes at different prices ranging from 0 to 2200 euros a month. Of course, this price includes a large set of functionalities and not only email marketing related ones.

With a good list of contacts, the growth opportunities for your business are incredible. All you need to do is build the perfect marketing campaign and reach out to your audience. This, of course, sounds good on paper. But in reality, having to spend time and efforts segmenting your leads, writing the perfect emails for them with just enough delivery to trigger their interest, and then collect data to measure your results manually can really get exhausting and counterproductive very fast.

Luckily, many tools can now help you manage your emailing campaigns for sometimes as little as no money. They all come at different price ranges and propose more or less different features. So it is up to you to pick the right option for your business based on what your exact needs are and those of your business. MailChimp, oEmail, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue and Hubspot are some of the solutions that you can go for to ace your next emailing campaign.

Most of them come with an easy to use, friendly and dynamic interface that will allow you to start sending your emails in a matter of minutes. You can edit and personalize your e-mails, automate your responses, and generate reports on how well your campaign did among many other functionalities. You can have access to many of these features for as little as 1$ per month on Oemail.

Subscribing to an emailing service can be a really good investment for your business. It is not to be proved the importance of keeping contact with your leads and your clients and building trust and loyalty between them and your brand. Through newsletters, promotional offers or informational ones, you can have reach and impact and start growing your business and seeing real results.


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