An entrepreneurial adventures


Growth hacking in e-commerce


These days that the growth and expansion of E-commerce continues, it remains difficult to catch Internet users’ attention and make them buy your products. There are different reasons why that is the case: for example, many people are still following a “web-to-store” approach. Meaning that many times, they come to learn about the product on your website and then, if they decide to go to buy, they...

How to build a customer loyalty program


A customer loyalty program is, as its name suggests, a marketing tool that aims at maintaining customers of a product/service in the long term. Beyond loyalty, the programs also often aim to increase customers’ awareness about your brand. Loyalty programs are of considerable importance in generating brand preference and enhancing the engagement of your customers. At the heart of these systems...

Remarketing – how to use it


One of the most important tools to recover sales and optimize your company’s relationship with its leads and its customers is remarketing. It allows you to reach your website’s visitors again and offer them an advertising message adapted to their actions. But how does it actually work? You have been the target of remarketing campaigns yourself more often than you think. Many times, after you...

How to build a Customer Referral System


Customer referral is the process through which a client recommends a product or a service to leads, thus proving its good quality. When a business gets recommended, that not only confirms their professionalism and their sincerity, it also encourages and reassures the leads as to their future collaboration with them. In other words, your clients become your best marketers. You might ask yourself...

5 ways to manage emailing campaigns


Email marketing is a very powerful communication tool. It allows to keep contact with clients and share all kinds of relevant information with them, as well as collect opinions and build loyalty. When used correctly, it can be an efficient way to convert leads into customers. But sending the perfect email can be a bit tricky, especially with the usually large numbers of contacts. Luckily, there...

An entrepreneurial adventures

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