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How to move your traditional business online

In the era of exponential technological growth, it is sometimes necessary to adapt to the requirements dictated by the rapid evolution of standards. This need is all the more pressing for companies that have always existed in an exclusively physical way. If this is your case, know that it is never too late to get it right! Whether your business is running well and making a good profit or is in a more difficult position and needs a lifeline, the internet is the place you should be moving your business.

The numbers never lie, and in this case, they are clear: with 2.5bn online shoppers expected by the end of 2020 and e-commerce representing 15.5% of total sales worldwide, it goes without saying that the people’s habits are changing radically and with that, you will have to take all possible measures to keep your business up to date and make sure it is not engulfed by competition, no matter how tough.

In this article, we will find out how you can move your traditional business to an online setting in just a few simple steps.

Build a website:

Your website is your online business card. It will be crucial as it will give the very first impression of your business to whoever is visiting it. And first impressions matter! Anyone interested in your business will first take a look at your website, so make sure you build one at the image of your brand. Convey all of what you deem important in an engaging way that will trigger interest and will make your website’s visitors want to buy from you.

Many solutions are available for you to build a website. You don’t need lots of technical skills or to spend dizzying amounts of money on it. But different solutions are available to create the perfect website for your business. You could, of course, opt for the pricier but simpler approach and hire a professional to build it for you. But you can also create your own website yourself thanks to the different tools that are available online that will make this task very easy for you, like WordPress for example.

Build an online store :

So your website is online, but you should keep in mind what running a business is all about: making sales! To be able to fully take your business online, you will need to build an online store. Once again, this doesn’t require any particular knowledge and you can easily create a beautiful store and fully customize it to fit your needs and preferences.

To do so, many tools are available online that will help you create an online store in a matter of minutes. You will be able to add all of your products and manage all of the sale-related events like orders, shipping, refunds and so on. Oshop even allows you to easily manage your stocks and handle VAT regulations!

Use Google Ads:

Google is by far, with an average of 80% of the search market share, the universal space where any prospect expresses their shopping needs. Google Adwords gives any online store an amazing opportunity to meet the prospects at the precise moment when they are making a purchase decision.

Google Ads allows the online store to customize their ads in many different ways and even choose the geographic locations where the ads will be displayed. In doing so, their ads will only be shown to qualified and targeted prospects researching from specific areas and based on detailed information that will make sure you have the best chances at concluding the sale.

One of the particularities and advantages of the prospecting system via Adwords is that it not only gives the possibility of targeting the prospect very precisely but also, of avoiding the presentation of the advertisement to any person considered as not qualified.

Build an audience on social media:

Even though Google Ads offers a very good opportunity for you to reach out to qualified prospects, there is more you can do to reach out to a larger audience and build knowledge around your brand and your products. Social media platforms offer a great pool of opportunities for that as they are used daily both by people who are in the middle of a purchasing process or not. In other words, taking advantage of social media to publicize your business will allow you to create the need and not only exploit the existing needs in people.

To do so, make sure you create pages for your business on all of the most common social media platforms. Make sure you create lots of engaging content on them to keep your audience interested. Social media also offers you a good way of communicating and building relationships both with your customers and your potential customers. This will inevitably increase your chances of making a profit.


Cross-selling is a simple way to increase your business’ profits. It is theoretically quite simple: when visitors of your store see a product, you can also offer them additional items related to the ones they have shown interest in. These can be complementary or alternative products. It is a great technique for making sure that you are increasing the number of products per order.

The same way a salesman would do in a traditional store, all you do is suggest some products that you consider can be interesting for the customer. This process is not perceived as intrusive or aggressive by the shopper, as they are completely free to accept or decline the suggestion.

Cross-selling can be implemented on most of the tools that help you build and run an online store as we discussed earlier in this article.

Taking your business online will offer you great opportunities and will ensure that you are generating much more profits than you would by keeping your business exclusively physical. It is not to be proven the toll that e-commerce has taken on the habits and the modes of consumption of people. The bottom line is that more and more people shop online, so much that it represents 15,5% of the global transactions happening in the world right now. So if you are still second-guessing your decision to move your business to the internet, the numbers are there and they are impressive. E-commerce is what you should be doing, and if you manage it properly it’s guaranteed to deliver great results!

It might sound scary and fastidious to start an online journey for your business, but those days are long gone. Nowadays, it has been made easy and efficient for anyone to start selling their products on the internet in no time. The first thing you should consider in that endeavor is, of course, to create a website to present your business. There is a huge selection of tools you can use to create your own website yourself with no technical knowledge required and customize it to fit your image. You can also hire a professional to create your website from scratch – but this solution is obviously on the pricier end. Next, you will need to build an online store for you to do all of the selling. This is also made easy and efficient thanks to the different tools available online.

With your website and online store up and running, all you have to do is to create traffic and draw the largest amount of potential clients as possible on them. Once again, this can be done thanks to tools like Google Ads or simply by keeping your audience engaged and frequently posting on social media platforms.


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