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5 ways to manage emailing campaigns


Email marketing is a very powerful communication tool. It allows to keep contact with clients and share all kinds of relevant information with them, as well as collect opinions and build loyalty. When used correctly, it can be an efficient way to convert leads into customers. But sending the perfect email can be a bit tricky, especially with the usually large numbers of contacts. Luckily, there...

4 best tools to manage sales


If you’re running a business or are about to start, most chances are you’ve heard about or are using a sales pipeline to manage it. It allows transforming long and troublesome sales processes into a more global, dynamic and easy to follow one. It is primordial that a business is able to keep control over its sales pipeline in order for it to be aware of its strengths and weaknesses and work on...

How to build your e-shop in 45 minutes


The importance of owning an e-shop is not to be proved anymore. With the number of online sales being in a steady and incredible growth for the last decade, businesses from all horizons have to get on the big train to success that is the internet. No matter what kind of products or services you sell, you will most definitely catch someone’s attention on the World Wide Web. In this article, we’ll...

5 ways to sell online


There are many different sales techniques, some better than others. Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine which is the most suitable for your business. It is important to keep in mind the final objective of a sale before engaging in any transaction. That objective is to always provide a product and/or a service to a client in a way that is beneficial for both parties. Nowadays, customers...

5 powodów dla których nie sprzedajesz

NO sales NO nothing

Nie zawsze proces sprzedaży domyka się samoistnie, często wymaga to znajomości wielu sztuczek, które pozwalają nam go w tym wspomóc. Czasem problem leży po naszej stronie, ponieważ stosujemy overselling bądź kierujemy się złą strategią sprzedaży, a niekiedy są to czynniki na które nie mamy bezpośredniego wpływu, jak np. zmiana trendów, demografii terenu na którym działamy, czy stylu życia. 1. Nie...

Top 4 sales techniques


Selling is hard! Don’t believe that it’s easy and don’t make yourself feel bad if you did not close as much sales as you can. Selling requires a piece of certain knowledge and experience that can be earned with your failures. The sale is a process. The normal sale could take from 5-10 contacts before you will finalize the deal. Below you can find the top 4 sales techniques that will help you to...

An entrepreneurial adventures

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