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The future of jobs

Bowling pinsetter, A human alarm clock, Ice cutter, Lamplighter, Milkmen, a human-computer, a telegraphist, an elevator operator, and about 100 more jobs you can find on google when you type “jobs that don’t exist anymore”.

Sounds funny? Who needs a human alarm clock anymore?

What about jobs that are closer to us? Do you know what jobs could be dead in the next years? If you google it you will be surprised that you will find jobs like a travel agent, taxi drivers, store cashiers, printing press operator, lumberjack, customer support.

Our life becomes easier when we use Uber, Airbnb or Amazon, but did you ever thought how many people will be affected with those technologies?

Just in the U.S, almost 10 million people are working as cashiers, retails supervisors, and first-line sales people, 500k people working as legal taxi drivers.

Like 100 years ago the invention of an alarm clock eliminates jobs from the market. Now the invention of POS automation will kill the cashiers’ job in the future.

This will affect regular people… however like 100 years ago they will just evolve and find themselves a new job… like we all do when we deal with life problems like that. A survival instinct.

So what will do a cashier, travel agent, customer support person if their jobs will be killed?

To answer this question with the competence you have to look at a new generation of kids and their needs.

If you look closer to the OECD report you will find interesting information there:

  • Part-time jobs are crucial for young people
  • Most likely they would like to do it online
  • Remote-work friendly (A freedom)

For a young generation of people, the internet is not as it is for us, even people in their early 30s.

86% of young people (Gen-Z) say they want to post social media content for money and they think this will be their full-time job. 

If you get close to the subject you will quickly understand that the future of jobs relies on these core values:

  • People want to have freedom of work
  • They want to monetize their assets and build a sort of “passive income” in a commonly known sharing economy and marketplace model
  • If they start a business, they mostly would like to do that online

This is especially true when you look at how the world change during the pandemic. People evolve because they had to.

For example in a city I live in the restaurants were re-opened, but they struggle to find waitresses and cooks. Almost 18 months of lockdown killed waitresses ‘ revenue streams and they were forced to change their specialization and become someone else.

I’m now focusing on figuring out where those people went… my first look at this subject suggests that a large portion of them went online.

The future of jobs is connected with automation and the internet… and for me, it’s not only jobs… but the whole future of business.

We all see global players building their sharing economy marketplaces that allow regular people to monetize their assets or time in a very flexible way. For many people, this is a solid personal income.

My mission was to provide people a set of tools that will help them with three things:

  • To build a brand new type of modern online company
  • To build a future of self-employment
  • To build transition tools from old-dying jobs/business into the modern one

Everything with the lowest entry barrier possible. I’ve seen that in SaaS tools and that’s how the Getreve Web Service platform was born.

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We wanted to build a platform where people can come and use our SaaS / Mobile / API-driven tools that will allow them to build a future type of company, purely based on repeatable revenue.

This can be as simple as building your online shop but as complicated as creating your own uber that will focus on supporting local communities.

We believe that giving those types of tools to smart and effective people can make a very deep economic impact. Especially in a world where global players do not pay local taxes and are monopolists sucking the money from local small businesses.

CEO | Entrepreneur | Born in 1983

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